Evolving the supply chain process in the textile industry with the best products!

Evolving the supply chain process in the textile industry with the best products!

Textile industry is not limited to any sector. From household to industrial use, textile demand is never-ending. Keeping in mind the same, EB Impex introduced multiple products to handle the textile demand and is still working to introduce many more in the coming future.

Evolving the supply chain
Home Textile

Giving your home the best of what it deserves!

This is one of the extensive sectors that has the highest textile demand. From towels to bedsheets, covers to clothing, the product range for these categories is vast. The fabric selection and stitching it for the perfect outcome, we work on every detail to deliver the best products to the end-users. Some of the highlighted product lines includes:

Bedding: Bed Sheets, Duvet sets, Comforters, Quilts, Cotton Blankets

Curtains: 3″ Tape Curtains, Eyelet Curtains

Kitchen linen: Kitchen Towels, Table Covers, Table Runners, Aprons, Gloves, Oven Mats, Napkins

Hospital Linen

Delivering a comfortable experience!

Hospitals are a major industry around the globe. The requirements for these sectors vary but always demand the best quality. To help them serve better, our team sources the best linen that provides customers with the most comfortable experience. Not only are our linen products good in quality, but it is also durable; the product line includes:

Bed Sheets, Patient Gowns, Doctors Gown, Surgical Aprons, Doctors Uniforms, Surgical Jackets, Doctor Coats, Examination Gowns, Nursing Gowns

Bath Linen

Wrap yourself in luxury!

Our research team put much effort into understanding each sector, and we understand that bath linens are one of the most important textiles as it comes in contact with sensitive skin. Keeping the same in mind, we have picked one of the most comfortable and soft linens that the end consumers will enjoy. This includes:

Terry Towels
Beach Towels


Quality casuals for every age!

Every age and every skin has its sensitivity. Considering the same, EB Impex provides multiple types of apparel that suit all our targeted audiences. From kids to grown-ups, we target to provide the best for all. The major product line in this category goes around woven & knitted garments like shirts, t-Shirts, trousers, and many more.


Comfort and Fashion that goes side by side!

Fashion never goes out of sight, but no matter what the casual wear always has the spotlight on it. We deal in the finest Denim Jeans and Denim Jackets collections that give extreme comfort with the finest looks.

Garments 1

Premium quality!

Every type of clothing or apparels requires a specific type of fabric that best suits its usage and the region it is being used. For the same reason, we provide a variety of fabrics that includes but are not limited to Greige Fabric, Finished Fabrics, Printed, Dyed, Flannel, Percale, Sateen, and Jacquard.

Hotel Linen

For a finer richer hotel experience!

Hotels are the place where comfort matters most. We source the best linen and linen-made products that give the end consumers the best experience and keep our clients satisfied.


Warm and Happy feet!

This apparel is one of the most required and needs detailed attention as per the usage and the environment it is exposed to. The feet comfort and sensitivity is always under observation while we source the most comfortable socks for our clients.

Men Undergarments

Comfortable and breathable range for men!

We provide the best men’s undergarment collection that is made of fabrics best suits multiple environments like corporate, entertainment, picnic, or home comfort. The range includes cover, underwear, boxer, and vest.

Men Undergarments1
Men Undergarments
Women Innerwear
Women Innerwear
Women Innerwear

Comfortable and breathable range for women!

Keeping into consideration the exposure of women to areas like kitchen, office, or outside, we source the best collection that suits many body types and is in accordance with the environment.

We are a Textile Buying House based in Lahore, Pakistan. We shape your queries into design samples and make productions as per standards to deliver at your business doors, so you get noticed and make your business stand out and thrive.

In a world full of sources & resources, we just want to be Everbright for our clients.

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